“Sometimes making something leads to nothing” Francis Alÿs would say, but, sometimes, making a mistake can lead to a big suprise. Just like in jazz, where improvisation evidences the creative trigger of unplanned events, we can picture ourselves in the minds of John Coltrane and Miles Davis, supposing that perhaps “mistake does not exist”. Mistakes are inherently “not good” but there is a very special category of mistakes, the category of beautiful mistakes, in which we may find something surprisingly good. There are plenty of examples throughout history wherein scientific experiments aiming for specific results end up providing luminous and valuable outcomes because of unplanned events and mistakes.

The history of invention, for instance, shows us how time after time, an invention patented for a certain purpose became the main critical component of a completely different future machine.

Beautiful mistakes of this kind can also happen in painting and in cooking, as well as a multitude of other situations and contexts. The possibility for beautiful mistakes to occur is endless. The project Schöener Fehler dares to describe what it is that makes beautiful mistakes happen. My take on the subject of beautiful mistakes is concerned with aesthetics and proposes the option of remaining mentally open to the possibility of mistakes being part of a bigger process. The concept of Schöener Fehler has always intrigued me and when I arrived in Leipzig, Germany for an artist residency in April 2018, I felt ready to develop this concept.

Germany has a very particular relationship with rules and with precision: in Germany, not making mistakes, in fact, seems to be a rule in itself. This cultural spirit proved a perfect atmosphere for the birth of my project Schöener Fehler, as a reflection of my inner connection with nature inhabiting the city; a device that develops a narrative inspired by the city's constant transformation according to human intervention throughout time.

In concrete terms, Schöener Fehler is an expansive painting installation that has grown to include watercolours, risoprints, gold leaf, and building site netting.

The materials used in the piece mirror the magic mystery of beautiful mistakes: a physically surprising turn of events, a narrative of woven interventions that challenges the cause-effect principle inherent in its own construction. True to its nature, Schöener Fehler is a project in the making.

After its initial conception, the project subsequently developed into machine-sewed objects such as skirts, bags and dresses, and was eventually incorporated into an art piece to be used by the Leipzig video-makers collective FILZ.

Schöener Fehler has been developed since April 2018 until August 2018 in Leipzig and Berlin, Germany, and exhibited in leipziger artist run spaces Alte Handelsschule and K56.

Schöner Fehler #4 (chemically treated gold leaf on risoprint Makulatuur) is currently in the informal group exhibition, organised with some friends of Saas Fee Summer Institute of Art, at the at Magasin Géneral in Tarnac commune, Tarnac, France.

This text has been wisely edited by Elsa Henderson
Photo Kyla Pinkard
"A volte fare qualcosa non conduce a niente" direbbe Francis Alÿs ma, a volte, fare uno sbaglio può condurre a una grande sorpresa. Come nel jazz, dove l'improvvisazione mette in evidenza la miccia creativa che si accende a partire da eventi non pianificati, ci possiamo immedesimare nelle menti di John Coltrane e Miles Davis e ipotizzare che "lo sbaglio non esiste". Gli errori non sono intrinsecamente buona cosa. C'è però una categoria molto speciale di errori che, al contrario, sono sorprendentemente positivi. Questa categoria è quella dei begli errori.

Tecnicamente, Schöener Fehler è una installazione di pittura espansa che si è evoluta fino a includere acquarelli, stampe risografiche trattate con foglia d'oro e rete da cantiere. I materiali riflettono il mistero magico dei begli errori: un capovolgimento di eventi inaspettato, una narrazione di occorrenze intrecciate che sfida il principo di causa-effetto alla base della sua costruzione.

Schöener Fehler è stato sviluppato da aprile ad agosto 2018 a Lipsia e Berlino, Germania, e mostrato negli spazi indipendenti Alte Handelsschule e K56 a Lipsia. Dopo la sua realizzazione, il progetto si è ulteriormente sviluppato attraverso manufatti cuciti a macchina: gonne, borse e abiti e si è concretizzato alla fine in un oggetto creato per essere utilizzato dal collettivo di video-maker FILZ, a Lipsia.

Schöner Fehler #4 (stampa risografica con foglia d'oro trattata chimicamente) è incluso in una mostra collettiva nella comune di Tarnac a Tarnac, Francia.

Coerentemente con la sua natura, Schöener Fehler è un progetto in divenire.