An Operetta developed in 7 acts entitled The Fire of 'Bu:, a project of sound poetry involving the use of language and music.
Language is available for transformation and becomes the common ground for improvisation and singing. The Fire of 'Bu: is written in an invented language that includes English, Sanskrit and sounds coming from other cultures. Jazz singer Alice Ricciardi has added musical effects to expand the meaning of the poetry pieces.
This work is influenced by Italian poet Emilio Villa, his poetry combined living and dead languages, written and spoken sounds.
It is also inspired by Russian zaum, Italian futurists and DADA and by Italian sound poets Milli Graffi and Giulia Niccolai who also experienced hybrid compositions with Steve Lacy.
The Fire of 'Bu: sound poetry has been recorded in January 2017 in Rome. Since then, it has been arranged in jazz and electronic music versions.