At the beginning of 2016 me and jazz singer Alice Ricciardi started working on a project of sound poetry involving the use of language and music. Bringing together the art skills and experiences coming from our different backgrounds, in January 2017 we recorded a 2-voices Operetta developed in 7 acts entitled The Fire of 'Bu:
Alice Ricciardi has composed melodies that transform the text lines into something suitable to be received by the listener on the irrational level. I have written the texts that are available to this transformation and become the common ground for improvisation and singing. The Fire of 'Bu: is written in a language that, starting from English, includes words and sounds coming from other cultures.
Our work is mainly influenced by experimental artists like Joan La Barbara, Meredith Monk, Mimmo Rotella, Brion Gysin and by jazz musicians like Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton and Jeanne Lee.
On the poetry side, a big influence comes from Italian poet Emilio Villa, whose
works comprise 7 languages; his poetry aimed at integrating living and dead languages, with an attention to local dialects and oral language as well.
Our inspirations include early XX century movements like the Russian zaum, Italian futurists and DADA. We're also influenced by Italian sound poets Milli Graffi and Giulia Niccolai who also experienced hybrid compositions with the great jazz saxophonist and composer Steve Lacy.
The Fire of 'Bu: sound poetry has been studio recorded in January 2017. It is currently being done in jazz and electronic music versions