[[[irradia]]] trae ispirazione dalle cosiddette 'numbers station', stazioni radio in onde corte di origine sconosciuta presenti in tutto il mondo che trasmettono sequenze criptate di numeri usando talvolta un alfabeto fonetico. Irradia è una numbers station che trasmette le prime 39 cifre della sequenza aurea in varie lingue. Irradia è stata trasmessa su Radio Onda Rossa a Roma nel 2018, su Auroville Radio a Auroville, India nel 2019, festival Radiophrenia di Glasgow, UK, nel 2020, su Kunstradio ORF, Austria nel 2021 .

A numbers station

Irradia is a project for a numbers station where the first 39 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence are transmitted in several languages:

ancient Greek

In radio broadcasting, numbers stations are shortwave radio stations that have been broadcasting sequences of words and numbers (mostly numbers) with no apparent logical sequence for many years. The messages, which are actually encrypted with a Vernam cipher, last on average 45 minutes. Each message is often preceded by an identifier. For example: 'Atenciòn! 12345 - 45678 - 98765 etc etc...'.
Number stations vary in their activity over time (although some of them follow regular schedules) and their broadcasts have become less frequent since the early 1990s. It is known that most of the communications from these radios are directed by government agencies to people in the intelligence services. It has been broadcasted on Radio Onda Rossa in Rome in 2018, on Auroville Radio in Auroville, India in 2019, in Radiophrenia festival in Glasgow, UK, in 2020, on Kunstradio ORF, Austria in 2021.